The Lantern

Design week Hansen House, Jerusalem, 2021

A project made for the "Runaway Circus" themed design week exhibition.

"As part of its journey in the United States, the circus of the 19th century provided the public its first encounters with the technologies of the future. One of these technologies was artificial lighting – electricity.

During the show, lights would turn on inside the circus tent. For some of the residents of the small towns where the circus visited, it was the first time that they had seen man-made light.

Soon after, electric light became a part of the show, as the spotlight directed the audience’s attention to that magical small circle of light within which the performer would work his wonder as if only he existed.

Since then, electricity has become so intertwined in our lives that it seems transparent to us,  even if still incredible. Nonetheless, the production of light is still one of the most polluting processes of our times.

Through the use of filters and lighting, the spotlight in this work creates an elusive image that changes gradually and refers to our changing relationship with another magnificent source of light – the sun."